How to book a limousine during your stay in Las Vegas for a special occasion?

If you are traveling to Vegas for a special occasion such as a job related promotion, anniversary, birthday, engagement, wedding or graduation, you may wish to enhance the festivities by ordering a luxurious limousine in which to ride. In addition to the fact that the limo rental might be a once-in-a-lifetime event, it will also be more convenient, especially if you have several people with whom you are celebrating. Even if you are alone, you still have the right to indulge and reserve a limo. If you don't live in Vegas, though, you might wonder how easy or how difficult it is to book a limousine during your stay in Las Vegas for a special occasion.

Today, with the internet, fax machines and discount long distance services, it should be relatively easy to find a company from which to rent a limo. In fact, every company in Las Vegas has a website, and most encourage clients to book online. Once you have reviewed the specifications of all the available vehicles, and have chosen the limo of your dreams, then you can move over to the online ordering form and complete the application. You will provide standard information such as your name, email address, phone number, locations of pick-up and drop-off, the length of time required for the rental, and the vehicle requested. The form will then ask for credit card information and you are informed that your card will be billed for the reservation at the time of reservation. This is to ensure that you have the funds to pay for the limousine rental.

LimousineBefore deciding on the specific limo, check different sites for vehicle size and pricing. Also, most of the sites have web specials, so it is a good idea to review those pages before continuing on. For regular services such as airport pickup, you can usually get a better deal with the specials page. Likewise, if you are holding a bachelor party, the limo company might cater to those types of events and offer some perks with the standard pricing.

In addition to online booking, the limo service companies have toll-free numbers so that you can speak directly to a staff member. Not only are the staff knowledgeable about the cars, but they also know plenty about Vegas. The drivers, too, can help make your event more special by letting you know about the best places to eat and where to find deals while in town.

Another way to book a limousine during your stay in Las Vegas for a special occasion is to look over the hotel website where you will be lodging. Frequently, limo companies work together with various venues to obtain clients. The hotel may offer a packaged deal for their customers, so that it is a little cheaper to get the limo and the hotel room when booking at the same time. And, if you have arrived at the hotel without having made reservations for a vehicle, the concierge will certainly accommodate you. One thing you can be sure of in Vegas is that everyone is looking to satisfy the customers. You will always find staff members to help you book events or give you advice about destinations in the city.

For parties being held at any of the city's gentleman clubs, several of the limo companies offer free service to the clubs. Of course, there are restrictions, such as a minimum of three passengers, and only certain cars are available, but if the ride is free and the limo is going where you want to be, then no charge is always a nice perk. Again, the websites advertise these special deals, so take note while perusing the sites.
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Further, some of the spas and hotels have honeymoon packages that might suit your specific purpose. What an incredible feeling to spend the day being pampered and not having to worry about messing your hair or nails when you leave. Your limousine will be ready and waiting to transport you to the restaurant for your celebratory dinner. You can continue your day of relaxation and be assured that your special occasion will progress without a hitch. No fighting in traffic to stress you out, no getting lost from reading the map incorrectly, and no getting confused on Las Vegas Boulevard. And all this because you knew how to book a limousine during your stay in Las Vegas for a special occasion.

Whether you need a limo to attend an executive meeting or you and your buddies are going to a sports event, limousines are commonplace in Vegas. That is the beauty of ordering a limo. Limos are everywhere and the companies usually do not "run out" of cars like in other cities. They expect to be busy all year round and they know the most popular times of the year, so they are prepared for each and every event. Cars are ready for bookings, and it is only a matter of you making your reservations.

Before you reserve your limousine online, through a company's toll-free number, or in person, be sure you understand all the extra charges and the rules of the rental. Most prices do not include driver gratuities, for example. Also, any airport taxes or fuel surcharges are over and above the stated rates. Each company will have a different minimum length of use depending on the type of vehicle and the purpose of the vehicle. A party bus, for instance, would be rented for a couple of hours, and not used to run down the street to a restaurant.

Finally, many limo companies have preset tour packages they offer, or they allow you to customize your trip for the day. Whether you and your family are going out sightseeing, or you want to visit all the major shopping centers, the limo companies are more than accommodating if they know your itinerary in advance. You can even obtain a quote for the day. On the other hand, if you prefer to wing-it having the driver available at your beck and call, then just pay for the day, and enjoy yourself. This may be the only time in your life when you live like a king being chauffeured around Las Vegas.

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